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Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

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Validating Registrant E-Mail Addresses

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Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities



Validating Registrant E-Mail Addresses

Beginning in January, 2014, the registrant contact must be validated upon the purchase or transfer of a domain name or if the registrant's first name or last name has been modified. Should any of these occur, Cushtronics, a division of StarUSA, will send an email requiring an affirmative response from the registrant. Failing to receive an affirmative response from the registrant within 15 days will result in the suspension of the name. The name will subsequently be placed on 'ClientHold' status, taking the domain (and related services) offline.

If a registrant has already validated their contact information, this process will not be initiated. 

The same validation process will take place if a WHOIS Data Reminder Policy (WDRP) notice, 30 day expiration notice or 5 day expiration notice bounces. It will therefore be of paramount importance to ensure the WHOIS data you provide is correct.

Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities

Domain Name Registrants' Rights:

  1. Your domain name registration and any privacy/proxy services you may use in conjunction with it must be subject to a Registration Agreement with an ICANN Accredited Registrar.

    • You are entitled to review this Registration Agreement at any time, and download a copy for your records.

  2. You are entitled to accurate and accessible information about:

    • The identity of your ICANN Accredited Registrar;
    • The identity of any proxy or privacy service provider affiliated with your Registrar;
    • Your Registrar's terms and conditions, including pricing information, applicable to domain name registrations;
    • The terms and conditions, including pricing information, applicable to any privacy services offered by your Registrar;
    • The customer support services offered by your Registrar and the privacy services provider, and how to access them;
    • How to raise concerns and resolve disputes with your Registrar and any privacy services offered by them; and
    • Instructions that explain your Registrar's processes for registering, managing, transferring, renewing, and restoring your domain name registrations, including through any proxy or privacy services made available by your Registrar.

  3. You shall not be subject to false advertising or deceptive practices by your Registrar or though any proxy or privacy services made available by your Registrar. This includes deceptive notices, hidden fees, and any practices that are illegal under the consumer protection law of your residence.

Domain Name Registrants' Responsibilities:

  1. You must comply with the terms and conditions posted by your Registrar, including applicable policies from your Registrar, the Registry and ICANN.

  2. You must review your Registrar's current Registration Agreement, along with any updates.

  3. You will assume sole responsibility for the registration and use of your domain name.

  4. You must provide accurate information for publication in directories such as WHOIS, and promptly update this to reflect any changes.

  5. You must respond to inquiries from your Registrar within fifteen (15) days, and keep your Registrar account data current. If you choose to have your domain name registration renew automatically, you must also keep your payment information current.



Registrar - An entity responsible for maintaining domain name registrations. OpenSRS (aka TUCOWS) is our Registrar.

Reseller - A Internet Service Provider (ISP) who acts a dealer between Registrars and Registrants. StarUSA is a domain name Reseller through our Cushtronics division. Any valid notice you may receive from us should come from either StarUSA or Cushtronics.

Registrant - An end user who registers their domain name.

gTLD - General Top Level Domain. That is, .com, .net. or .org.